Nevada’s Famed ‘Black Book’ Gains Two New Entrants

Nevada’s infamous ‘black book’ has two new entrants, after a pair of rogue craps gamblers who scammed Bellagio casino out of $1.5m received the dubious honor of being added to it. The black book, created in 1960, contains a list of thirty-four individuals banned from all gaming establishments in the state, which in the past has included eleven members of the mob. Last week the Nevada Gaming Control Board entered the names of Anthony Granito and James Cooper into the book following their plot to defraud Bellagio.


China Wants to “Accelerate” Development of Blockchain Standards

China, the world-renowned lover of blockchain and hater of Bitcoin, has called on the National Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee to “accelerate” the development of standards for the blockchain industry. In a paper published on the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) website, author Zhou Ping of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), argues that the development of a standard blockchain architecture is vital if blockchain systems are to be properly guided and implemented across a wide variety of industries.


Santa Better Have a Coinbase Account – This Year Kids Want Crypto

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be falling faster than Santa down a chimney, but that hasn’t stopped teenagers requesting digital gifts this year more than ever. ‘The Holiday 2018’, a report published by investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray, states that for the first time American teenagers have shown a preference for digital currencies, such as cryptocurrency and ‘V-bucks’ the fictitious currency used in the game Fortnite. Theses choice come in place of other previous staples such as gift cards, cash, or even money for gas.

Tis’ the Season for Digital Currency

The revelation that many teenagers would prefer


Bitcoin Takes Another Beating as Markets Tumble Again

Cryptocurrencies endured further misery yesterday, as most coins registered double digit losses once more, with many of them now completing a full retracement back to their valuations before the 2017/18 bull run. Bitcoin saw a 14% drop to push its annual low down further to $4,800, a valuation last seen in mid-October 2017, with others suffering similar fates. Second placed XRP fared better than most, remaining loss-free throughout the sell off, as did some smaller coins.

The overall market cap has fallen 15% since Sunday and now also sits at levels not seen since last October, further emphasizing the complete retracement from 2017-18.

How to Modify the Martingale System to Improve Your Chances

The Martingale betting strategy originated in 18th century France and quickly became the favorite strategy of casino goers. The strategy insists that gamblers double each losing wager until they finally land a winning bet. This one win will then be enough to recover all losses plus reclaim the initial bet. However, as a strategy it can quickly get out of hand and bankrupt players that don’t have the power to cover escalating costs. That being said, with just a few tweaks to the original age-old system, you can elongate your playtime and stand a better chance of winning more cash from a casino.

Let’s begin by walking you through the original Martingale system, so you can become familiar with the basics using roulette as an example – but you can use this strategy in virtually every aspect of casino play. Although, we hope you won’t need it in blackjack, especially after we gave you the


Venezuela’s Biggest Department Store Now Accepts Cryptos

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, Venezuela’s economy is in absolute disarray and the government isn’t doing much better. Nicolas Maduro – the president of Venezuela – has created the Petro, a state-backed cryptocurrency. On top of this, he is encouraging all Venezuelans to begin using it immediately. However, international critics have been quick to identify the flaws with the cryptocurrency, picking it apart piece by piece.

Maduro and the government have been against every crypto that isn’t the Petro in a bid to get it off the ground, but even that isn’t working.


Eight Men Arrested in Japanese Crypto Pyramid Scheme

Eight men in Tokyo have been arrested for running a pyramid scheme that scammed more than 6,000 people out of a total of more than 7.8 billion yen ($68.4 million). The scammers promised guaranteed returns on investments of between 3% and 20% daily based on how much they invested. In addition to this, these profits would be boosted based on how many people they referred that subsequently invested.

Violating Financial Instruments and Exchange Laws

Scammers don’t really care much for laws, and these Japanese scammers are no exception to the rule. The first mistake the group made was not registering their investment firm with the Japanese Financial Services Authority. Secondly, they promised guaranteed returns daily – a big no-no when it comes to marketing financial products.


BitGo Ramps Up Its Offering with Support for Stablecoins

As more institutional players start to enter the crypto markets, firms are increasingly looking for high-quality custodial solutions. BitGo is one of the most popular custodial solutions for crypto exchanges around the globe, and it’s eyeing up the institutional investor market with the addition of support for stablecoins.

This week the crypto custodian added support for a number of USD stablecoins, including Circle’s Centre USD (USDC), the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), TrueUSD (TUSD), Paxos Standard Token (PAX), and Maker’s Dai (DAI). This new addition of stablecoins couldn’t have come at a better time for investors, given that the crypto market is in the midst of a freefall.


US Bank Preparing to Issue Crypto Visa Card

Cryptocurrencies moved a step towards everyday use Friday when US bank Metropolitan Commercial announced its plans to rollout an MCO Visa Card program. This is following the launch of the MCO card in Singapore in October. The MCO card, operated by following a rebrand from ‘Monaco’ in July, is a prepaid card that will allow users to buy, store, sell, and – most crucially – spend cryptocurrency anywhere that Visa is accepted. The news is an exciting development for those who want to see mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and have wished for easier ways to spend them.


Bail Bloc 2.0 to Use Spare Computing Power to Help ICE Detainees

Cryptocurrency startup Bail Bloc, a project aimed at releasing from pre-trial detention those who remain incarcerated only because they can’t afford bail, announced a platform upgrade that included an expansion of its scope. Co-founder Maya Binyam noted in her update that Bail Bloc 2.0, announced on the first anniversary of the project, would increase the brief of the project to take in those detained as part of an expanding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program, which they labeled “notoriously cruel”.