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Ending in 31 h : 10 m : 19 s
1 Mars888 62697.6
2 aanz27btc 26802.7
3 Conbomb 22756.8
4 bitgirl 9609.26
5 nicknone 8869.79
6 Kiwigreen 8675.67
7 cynbad73 8476.56
8 Trance3 7388.75
9 Albyobiwan 6891.37
10 deruige 6164.14
11 soilworker 5698.38
12 Ureshiiken 5698.08
13 sqpower 4767.60
14 missy2025 4384.64
15 Rothadecia 4166.38
16 Rop 4132.35
17 Ellibsmith 3931.12
18 casinoeu 3838.09
19 edwine420 3599.31
20 Asprix 3541.65
21 Eleck500 3532.54
22 Rizzo 3524.49
23 Tiny 3521.40
24 mlockhart 3412.40
25 owlhooter 3217.08
26 whitesnow 2829.80
27 fcp2008iol 2805.23
28 jcoiner 2677.74
29 jakudza81 2666.18
30 Dwreck 2618.91
31 zenekk87 2571.62
32 WalkerTXRangr0 2565.58
33 CANADAMAN99 2552.38
34 dronss 2428.69
35 Deeestar212 2421.26
36 Simonp88 2405.47
37 ODAAT717 2273.49
38 ssuuzzyy 2203.13
39 Orval 2197.70
40 Stephenja 2141.64
41 nuidat 2137.50
42 trend 2097.42
43 LightAlive 2095.22
44 mrquocchita 2090.36
45 muzza 2076.35
46 elmeralv 2066.54
47 GlennC 2056.26
48 Sammi 1969.76
49 Eliaoh 1861.28
50 Dizzle 1825.26

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How do I create my BitStarz account?

All you have to do to get started is click the 'Sign Up' button in the upper left corner and fill in all the required fields. We’ll then pop you over an email where you can verify your email address using the verification link we send you. Once all this is done, your account will be fully active.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

The quickest way is to create a new password by clicking this ‘Forgot Password?’ link. We will then send an email that will direct you to a new link. Then you can enter a new password for you BitStarz account.

Alternatively, you can contact our helpful customer support either by the Live Chat option on the site or by emailing us at support@bitstarz.com. We will be more than happy to assist you further.

What should I do if I have forgotten my registered email address?

Just get in touch with our customer support via the Live Chat or support@bitstarz.com and we will sort it out for you.

Can I change my registered email address?

No. Unfortunately it's not possible to change your email address.

Can I register multiple accounts?

Sorry, but we only allow one account per user / IP / computer / household.

How do I add another currency to my account?

Simply go to your My Account page, click the "Add Currency" button and select the currency you want to add from the dropdown menu.

How do I change from one currency to another?

Once you have added new currencies (see question above), go to your My Account page and click "Select" link next to the currency you want to have as the active one.

Deposits & Withdrawals

What currencies does BitStarz accept?

At the moment, we accept deposits and withdrawls made in 14 currencies. They are: BTC, EUR, USD, SEK, NOK, CNY, RUB, AUD, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOG, CAD and PLN.

How long will my deposit take to reach my BitStarz account?

You won’t have to wait at all. Deposit processing and account crediting are done instantly, meaning you can start playing our games right away.

Will I be charged any fees for making deposits or withdrawals?

Some transactions are free of charge while others have small charges depending on currency and method chosen. Kindly refer to our Payments page for more information.

What is the minimum amount of money that I can deposit and withdraw?

The minimum amount we allow you to deposit is €5 or 0.0003 BTC. For deposits in other currencies and minimum withdrawal limits, kindly refer to our Payments page.

How long will it take for me to receive my money once I request a withdrawal?

We always aim to process withdrawal requests instantly and over 90% happen that way, but that will depend on the method used for deposit. Our average cashout time is of 10 minutes and for more information on processing times, please visit our Payments page.

I have made a deposit but the Bitcoins have not been credited to my account. What should I do?

There’s no need to worry. Firstly, you should double check that your transaction was completed successfully on the blockchain. If this is the case then just get in touch with our Live Chat support and we will solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Where can I purchase Bitcoins?

There are plenty of places that allow you to buy and sell Bitcoins. Online exchanges include Coinbase, Bitstamp and Bitpanda. To find out more about buying Bitcoins, please visit our About Bitcoin page.

Can I deposit with for example a card and cashout in Bitcoin?

Unfortunately you can only cash out via the same way as you deposited. In other words if you for example use Skrill as a deposit method, you have to withdraw to Skrill, and won’t be able to withdraw to for example Neteller or to a card. The money has to go back the same way as they came in to your account.


What is a bonus?

Bonuses are extra money that can be added to your bankroll. It gives you a little boost and increases your chances of landing a big win. Bonus sizes vary and all players are required to wager the bonus amount before they can request to withdraw it.

How can I find out how much I need to wager on my bonus?

Go to 'Bonuses' page. There you can see your active bonus and how much you have left to wager it. If you need more assistance then please feel free to contact us at support@bitstarz.com.

How do I claim my welcome bonus?

To claim your welcome bonus, simply make a deposit of at least 0.006 BTC (6mBTC) or €20. Once your payment has been made, the bonus will appear automatically in your BitStarz account.

I’ve got my casino bonus, but the wagering requirement is not decreasing. Why is this?

Different casino games will count differently towards the wagering requirement. To find out more how wagering counts towards different games, refer to our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

How many times must I wager my bonus?

Please refer to point 1b in our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

The Casino

Are the games fair?

Of course they are. Games from SoftSwiss provider 100% provably fair and we offer you an easy and straightforward way to verify them. When playing a game on the BitStarz casino simply click the 'Provability' button on the right edge of the screen to access the provability widget. We also have a great instructional video that explains how to do this, which you can find here.

Games from other providers have fairness guaranteed by our gaming license issued in Curacao by its gaming commision.

Can I play the casino games without spending any money?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to spend any real money to try out the games. Here at BitStarz we allow you to play for free in order to familiarise yourself with our vast library of games and discover which one is your favourite.

What happens if the game I’m playing freezes in the middle of a round?

Most of the time, if your game freezes then you can pick up exactly where you left off next time you open the game. If there is no option for you to do this, then the round will continue to play out on the server. This will happen even if your computer is frozen or you lose internet connection. All your winnings will be paid into your account as normal.

I can’t get the casino game to start when I click the link. What should I do?

In order to play in the BitStarz casino you will need to have Java installed on your computer. You can download Java here: http://java.com/

Please also check that you have installed the latest version of Flash. If you need to download Flash, then you can do so here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If neither of these resolves the issue, then it could mean you have lost contact with your server. Try logging out and logging back in before you click the link again. Occasionally you may need to shut down your whole browser and reopen it again for the game to load.

If you’ve tried all these and the problem continues to persist, then contact our support team.

An error or technical issue occurred in the casino. What should I do?

We store every single spin you make in our database in order to help with these problems. If you feel that an error has occurred during your game play, then please contact our support team.

Remember that the more information you can give us, the easier it will be for us to resolve the problem. Try to note down the game name, the amount of time you have played, the stake you were playing and details on what happened. If you are able to provide a screenshot of the problem then this will also assist us in fixing the problem.

It is always a good idea to stop playing until the issue has been resolved.

How can I take a screenshot?

A screenshot is a photo of the display currently on your computer screen. The image will be saved in your computer as a file, and can easily be attached to emails in order to send to our support team.

In order to take a screenshot in Windows, just follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Ensure that the current view on your screen is the image you want to take a screenshot of. Close or minimise any additional windows that may be obscuring the view.

Step 2: Press the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard. This button is usually located on the right hand side of the keyboard.

Step 3: Open a 'Paint' or 'Word' program on your computer and then press Ctrl + V to paste the image in. You can also click the 'Paste' option from the ‘Edit’ menu to do this. You will then see your print screen image appear in the document.

Step 4: Save this file to your computer using a name that will help you easily identify it. We also recommend that you save it to your desktop to allow faster access to the file.

Step 5: Attach this file into an email addressed to support@bitstarz.com, including all the additional information about the error.

In order to take a screenshot on a Mac, just follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Ensure that the current view on your screen is the image you want to take a screenshot of. Close or minimise any additional windows that may be obscuring the view.

Step 2: Press Shift + CMD + 4, then click on the spacebar to make the camera appear. Click the mouse in order to take a snapshot of the current window open on your screen. This image will automatically save to your computer desktop, with the current time and date.

Step 3: Attach this file into an email addressed to support@bitstarz.com, including all the additional information about the error.


Is all my information secure on BitStarz?

Always. As soon as you log in, any communication you make between your web browser and the Bitstarz website will be protected by industry-standard encryption technology. This means that all your personal data and any activity you make on the site will be kept completely private.

Are my Bitcoins secure on BitStarz?

We take your security extremely seriously. Our experts have built in various sophisticated measures to prevent theft of funds or case sensitive information. In addition to this, we follow all the best practices to keep your coins safe, as outlined below:

  • We store all the bitcoins in cold wallets, which are completely isolated from any online system. Being in cold wallets, they are protected with air-gap isolation
  • All wallets are encrypted

Will I need to verify my account when I make a deposit or withdrawal?

No, you won’t have to. However, we do reserve the right to carry out additional verification if we believe any suspicious or fraudulent behaviour has occurred on your account.

How do I submit my documents?

You can upload your documents straight onto your BitStarz Account. Remember that each file cannot exceed 2MB. The accepted file formats are bmp, pdf, gif, jpeg, jpg, png and tif. When you are logged in, go to Documents page to make the uploads.

How long does it take before my documents are approved?

Documents should be approved as fast as possible, however sometimes this may take up to 24 hours. If you follow the steps above, then we will probably not have to ask you for additional copies and the processing time will be faster.

Can my documents be refused?

Yes. We must be in accordance to the rules stated by our licensing institution in Curacao. In cases where it is needed, we will reach out to you to ask for more or alternative document copies, in order to stay within the law.

Where can I see the status of my documents?

On the same page where you upload your documents, you will see the information about the submitting over the picture of the document uploaded on the page.

Why do I have to submit these documents in order to verify my account?

Our top priority is to make sure that we keep all our players safe and we take this very seriously. We are regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority. They request that we collect these documents on certain cases on behalf of our players to create a safe and regulated environment where you can fully enjoy the website.

What is 2FA and how can it make my account more secure?

2FA might sound very abstract, but it's a very simple tool to add another layer of security to your account. It's basically a second password which you add after you've logged into your account for additional verification.

It starts by you downloading an app to your phone which generates a 6-digit code every 30 seconds. By having this, it makes it nearly impossible for someone else to access your account, even if they had your password!

So, first have to download the Google Authenticator app to your mobile device. After that, log in to your account at BitStarz, go to ”My Account” and then ”Profile Info”

After that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ”Configure Google Authenticator” and scan the QR code displayed from your Google Authenticator app. Add the current code in the provided field to complete the set-up.

Next time you log in, do so with your regular username and password. You will thereafter be asked to enter the current code from your Google Authenticator app. After that, you’re ready to play!

Responsible Gaming

Can I close my account for a specified amount of time?

Yes you can. We offer you the option to deactivate your account for a specified period of time. In order to do so, or to find out more information, contact us via LiveChat or email support@bitstarz.com.

Can I permanently close my BitStarz account?

Yes, although for security and statistical reasons, BitStarz.com cannot delete your account.

If you wish to close your account permanently then please contact support@bitstarz.com, along with a brief explanation as to why you want to leave BitStarz. By doing this, your account will be closed forever and you will be unable to re-open it again. Please note, that you will not be able to open a new account either.

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